Agriculture In Nepal

Agriculture In Nepal is not satisfactory. Many people in Nepal are involved in agriculture for their livelihood but arable land is very limited. The agricultural land also is scattered in small pieces in different places. It is quite difficult to be able to support one’s family with the earning of a day long hardships. At the same time, it is also equally difficult to grow more foods required for the family, save money and improve method of farming. So it is very essential to implement the concept of commercial agriculture and organic agriculture in Nepal. Agriclture provides employment in the country. Beside agriculture, there is very less employment opportunity in other sectors. That is why people irrespective of their liking or disliking have engaged themselves in the agriculture which makes the decrease in agricultural products and productivity. In such a situation, even if we can take these people out from agriculture, it doesn’t make any difference rather it will have positive impact. This shows how unseen unemployment exists in the agriculture sector. Agriculture does not provide employment throuthout the year. Thus, improving life standard of the people of rural areas means achieving agricultural development.

there is a great importance of agriculture in Nepal. People’s living standard improves by its development. Its development increases the national income. The agriculture sector has provided most employment opportunities in Nepal. Agriculture has been the primary means of livelihood of Nepali People. Development of industries by improving on industrial agriculture and trade also depends on agriculture. This is also the main source of foodstuffs. Not only the human beings, but animals also get their foods from agriculture. Raw materials for industries are also obtained from agriculture.

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