Autumn Season Harvesting Time in Mustang Nepal Apple, buckwheat and crops

Information about autumn season harvesting time in Mustang Nepal:

After the greenery of rainy season, Mustang enters into the colorful season of September October and steps to autumn season. The withered and frost beaten leave gradually achieve their crimson, which adds attraction in the beauty of Mustang. It is time for takeout the potatoes along with the breeze of autumn. Flock of flying cranes look like the caravan of ants which is called Jyalung in the local dialect. The birds fly towards warm place to overcome the coldness. As soon as those cranes fly towards southern it’s time for harvesting buckwheat in Mustang. The harvested buckwheat is dried for five to seven days in the field. After buckwheat is properly dried it is extracted: some do it in field whereas some at home. The grain and outer layer are separated with the help of blowing wind. If wind does not blow, they whistle melodiously to incur the wind. The buckwheat paddy is tied and stored for winter. All the grain collected with such labor for whole year is dried in the frying pan with fire to get flour for cereal. Fried grain is beaten slightly before blending flour. And finally, it is milled in traditional water mill. Eating buckwheat is popular among youngsters. This tradition is called Kundang and Folgyang. A small effigy of devil is made in the same tradition. The effigy is being warned to prevent the entrance of chaos and illness in the village. The effigy is burnt down outside the village. The traditional belief is that after creating barrier in 9 lines and a leap of 3 stones, the devil cannot enter the village. Juicy apples are the synonyms of Mustang.

Mustang is also called the capital of apples because of having different species. Who would not wish to savor these juicy snows kissed apples? The people of Mustang are busy to dig out the pit with the arrival of light snow flake of October. The dug out pit is carried to the field by horses which are regarded as the right hand of Mustang. Unnecessary trees and harmful to field are cut down to use as firewood. These works are regarded as the final cultivation work of the year in Mustang. The changeable time is in the grip of nobody, neither it can be stopped nor it waits for us. The chilly October begins to touch the heart, water starts freezing and the frequency of snowfall increase. Yes, the winter is back again knocking on the door. The habitats of Mustang start migrating usually in the group of one or two members of the family towards Pokhara, Kathmandu and other southern parts of Nepal and some even reach up to India with a purpose of winter trade and cheating the cold weather. Some people even take their horses to Pokhara as there is scarcity of livestock for them. They are destined to return to the village immediately after the winter is over. The people’s life runs through this circle throughout the year. This was the story of small world beyond Himalayas and the history of the people of Mustang. Many such places are still hidden in different corner of Himalayan ranges. It’s necessary to explore and limelight them before the world.

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