Bakery On The Top Of The World

Bakery On The Top Of The World…

Dawa Steven Sherpa has started a seasonal bakery café in Mount Everest base camp on the top of the world. The café is situated at the elevation of 5,350 meter height from the sea level. This is one of the very brilliant and unique concepts in the history of overall trekking and climbing expedition in Nepal. This is really a praiseworthy step to open bakery at such extreme altitude from the sea level. The idea to erect bakery in base camp emerged on Dawa’s mind only after experience of climbing Sagarmatha (Everest) with his Australian co-climber Mr. Blair, who is very interested on having bread items.

So many climbers enters in Dawa’s Bakery to have several kinds of bakery items such as doughnuts, apple pie, chocolate cakes, croissants, cinnamon rolls and banana bread. Some of the visitors are in confuse with the price of bakery items found at the elevation on the Sagarmatha base camp. Nevertheless, they are contended to buy and have bakeries.

Anyway Dawa Steven Sherpa tends to save money for villages around Mount Everest region. The villagers are worrying about the possible hazard of avalanches and bursting of lakes due to the burning global warming and climate change. Dawa’s bakery teams are Shera Sherpa, Kancha Sarba Magar. The team is hopefully serving visitors in such a remote place, where is equally challenge to set up bakery on the top of the world.

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