Cheap Hotels In Kathmandu

There are so many cheap hotels in Kathmandu. Cheap hotel signifies the low staring rating hotels. Unlike Deluxe or high star rating hotels, cheap hotels target common tourists who do not have enough budgets for expenses look for Cheap accommodation in Kathmandu. It is very easy for tourists in Kathmandu because they can book cheap hotels in Kathmandu. Not to mention numbers of lodge and inns in Kathmandu targeting local and international tourists. As we know the well known fact that Kathmandu is very cheap destination in the world. The living cost in Kathmandu is very cheap. Even the cost of foods in Nepal is considered very cheap comparing rest of the countries.

Here are some lists of the hotels in Kathmandu Valley.

Hotel Encounter Nepal
Hotel Encounter Nepal is situated in the North of Thamel, ward no. 29.
Crowne Plaza Hotel Kathmandu
Crowne plaza Hotel is located in Tahachal Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kantipur Temple House
Kantipur Temple House is located in Chusyabahal, Jyatha within Thamel area.

Norling Guest House
Norling Guest is located in at Jyatha in Thamel area.
Royal Astoria Hotel
Royal Astoria Hotel is situated at the north of Kathmandu in Bansbari Hattigaunda.

The Everest Hotel
The Everest Hotel is situated at New Baneshwor in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Gokarna Forest Resort
Gokarna Forest Resort is located in Rani Kunj Thali Kathmandu, Nepal.
PO Box 20498
Kathmandu View
Kathmandu View is in the midst of Thamel, JP Road Kathmandu Nepal.
Hotel Silver Home
Hotel Silver Home is at Thamel in Kathmandu Nepal.
Hotel Thamel
Hotel Thamel is situated in Thamel Marg Kathmandu Nepal.
Siesta Guest House
Siesta Guest House is located in Thamel Marg Kathmandu Nepal.
Hotel Tibet International
Hotel Tibet International is at Boudha in Kathmandu Nepal.
P.O.BOX:908 Boudha
Khangsar Guest House
Khangsar Guest House is situated in Thamel, Chhetrapati Kathmandu, Nepal
Hotel Manang
Hotel Manang is in Pakanajol Thamel Kathmandu Nepal.
Kathmandu Madhuban Guest House
Kathmandu Madhuban Guest House is located in Chhetrapati Thamel Kathmandu Nepal.

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