Cusines In Mountain Hill And Terai in Nepal

Cusines In Mountain Hill And Terai in Nepal

Cusines in mountain hill and terai in Nepal…

There are not only diversity in races and languages in Nepal, but also there is diversity in cuisines. It happens so because of geographical structure, religion, culture, caste and groups of Nepal. At the north part of the country there is range of snow capped mountains from east to west, in the midst there is range of hills and in the south part of the country there is plain land, the Terai so-called store of crops. Geographical structure helps to patronize the weather of Nepal. The way of people’s livelihood varies from place to place so as to the kinds of Nepali recipe. Normally, Nepali food is patronize by Tibet and India. Dal Bhat and Tarkari are eaten throughout Nepal. Gundruk is authentic curry, which is the identification of Nepalese cuisine. According to the values and norms of religions among the people Beef, pork is restricted within some of the communities. Ritually acceptable food is allowed to eat. Here are some major kinds of cuisines according to the place of different parts of the country listed below:

Himalayan region:

The ingredients normally used in Himalayan cuisine are ginger, garlic, Jimbu, turmeric, saffron, sesame, black cardamom, timboor and cumin ajwain.

-Momos (steamed stuffed minced meat with refined flour)

-Aloo Achar (potato pickel)

-Naans (Flour Bread)

-Skewers goat (mutton)



-Khir (Rice Pudding)

-Sho-Jhaa (butter tea)

-Chia (Himalayan Masala Tea)

-Millet Beer

Hill region:

In hill region Newari cuisine is very popular. Newar people are the original inhabitants of Kathmandu valley. They make wide range of non-veg items from buffalo meat. Newar cuisine is renowned fo ypical Newari food is included with Baji, Chhoila, yomari, Chatamari, lakhamari, Kachela and others.  Similarly, other ethnicities of hill region use various kinds of food.

-Dal Bhat and Tarkari (Lentil soups, Rice and Curry)

-Achar (Pickle)

-Roti or Chapatti (bread)

-Pan Roti, which is made in water


-Dairy items

-Fermented food.

-Raksi (wine) is widely used

Terai region:

The cuisines are often found similar to the adjacent part of India. The cultural variation helps to distinguish the cuisines within terai. Tharu the ethnic group accept pork items. Mathali people have their own sort of food.

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