Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat is a typical or traditional Nepali food or Nepali dishes. Dal refers to lentil and Bhat is rice. And of course Dal Bhat is accompanied by Tarkari and Chutney. Tarkari is made out of mix vegetable with spicy ingredients and chutney refers to pickle. Dal-Bhat is eaten throughout the country from east to west whether in the altitude like mountain area or plain area like Terai or hilly area. People love to have Dal Bhat and Tarkari. It is said even the western people of the world love to have Dal Bhat and Tarkari while their visiting in Nepal. In most parts of the world Dal Bhat cuisine has been listed in menu in some restaurants. Dal Bhat and Tarkari are actually very easy to cook and digest as well. According to demand of consumers Dal Bhat can be served with non veg items like chicken, mutton and buff. Salad and Chutney can add extra taste and value in Dal Bhat. Bhat is normally cooked by steam method and sometime can be fried with butter and oil to make fried rice. Similarly, Dal is cooked as per the demand of consumers just like adding many ingredients like onion, tomato, whole red chili, ginger and garlic and even can be added extra herbs like coriander, turmeric, garam masala. As we know some people prefer to have fried dal. After having Dal Bhat, some people like to have yogurt as a dessert.

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