Dashain In Nepal 2012

At the turn of September and October is the biggest festival season in Nepal. Dashain is also the longest holiday, lasts 15 days and is celebrated by all religious and ethnic groups. Celebrations usually follow immediately after the summer harvest of rice, so it is actually a harvest festival, where they meet the whole family.

Enjoying holidays and kids; you fly kites and proceed on the swings built specially for this festival of bamboo trunks. Also on this occasion is offered to a large number of animals. The highlight is the seventh, ninth and tenth day. On the seventh day, called Fulpati, parade through the streets of Kathmandu, whose head is solemnly consecrated carried bouquets of flowers (fulfati). Ninth day, Nawa (Nava) begins at midnight buffalo sacrifices in the temples of the goddess Taleju scary, later in the day take place in the courtyard of blood sacrifice Cot Courtyard kathmandu near Durbar Square and in all cities and villages of Nepal. Blood of sacrificed animals, then mixture feels great workshops, tools, buses and other means of transport so as to obtain the energy of the goddess Durga in the case of vehicles, so they avoid an accident. The tenth day – Dashami (DASA) is a celebration of Rama’s victory over the demon Ravana. On this day, goes to visit the elderly, to visitors who sign painted on the forehead tick (dot) also called Tika and receive Jamara till full moon day.

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