Eco Friendly Tourism In Nepal

Eco friendly tourism in Nepal is very essential for the country like Nepal and of course it is much like responsible tourism in Nepal. The concept is actually good for environment, good for business and even good to alleviate poverty. In Nepal tourism already provided the substantial source of income. It has great potential to drive long tail economic development and alleviate poverty. Especially in Remote Mountain districts of Nepal. There is a great prospect to create jobs and involve the poor.








Nepal can also tackling to the growing global market for environmentally sustainable and socially responsible tourism. But these opportunities have not been fulfilled due to lack of opportunities many Nepali companies do not have the business skill they required. They lack understanding of marketing, tourist’s needs and requirements. This troubles to establish effective link with international market. Through the responsible travel Nepal initiated SNV in partnership with Nepal Tourism Board, United Nation Environment Program and the European Commission is working directly with the tourism entrepreneurs of Nepal to help them overcome the challenges. SNV fostered to approach combines; awareness raising, training and capacity building support, with strong market incentive Reward Company with integrate responsible tourism practices throughout the nation. This model has been applied all types of tourism businesses from the largest resorts to smallest tour operators. Dhulikhel Mountain Resort is about an hour drive from Kathmandu and enjoys wonderful mountain views. As a result of its participation in responsible travel program the management has work hard to meet the demand of the international travelers. They help preserves traditional architectures and they also engage in eco friendly practices and even support the local communities. 95% of the staffs are local in Dhulikhel Mountain Resort. Young dancers performs in cultural show now have opportunities they would not have otherwise had. The dancers in cultural show have been able to save money to make their life secure and bright. The growing success of the resort having a direct benefit on its local suppliers. Hotel needs lots of vegetables and the farmers also get good prices. The farmers used to travel a long way to market to sell their vegetables. Now the hotel comes directly to the farm to buy from local farmers. It has been much better than before. Farmers do not have to carry the produces on their backs up the mountain to the market at Dhulikhel. Responsible tourism is creating for business because it has something to do global appetite this kind of products and at the same time encouraging businesses to diversify. More travelers in this world are trying to go responsibilities like sustainable tourism and ecological tourism. They want actually get back into the economy and even want to travel with the purposes. The travelers want to feel like that they are actually contributing wherever they are going so it actually makes lots of business and moving to responsibility because there are lot big niche out there. But none of these can happen without careful planning investment and marketing. Balthali Village Resort enjoys panoramic mountain view from its hill top positing just two hours from Kathmandu, but visitors’ number were very low. Following responsible travel Nepal training its owner Ram Hmagain started investing in improvement in search of marketing, hiring locals and buying high quality organic produces from neighboring farmers. Now guests’ numbers have been increased dramatically. The owner is now employing more and more local people and the numbers of guests are also on the rise. The increase means there need more local organic produces so the knock on fect on the local farmers in monetary terms is greater. Lucky chhetri is a partner in the three sisters’ adventure trekking agency. A pioneering company strengthly support employment of women in the male dominates tourism industry. Travels like to stay in the places like conscious of environment, conscious of recycling dirty water used, managing garbage and even they like the way supporting local businesses. Employing local people and using local products is a very good concept in Eco friendly tourism in Nepal. Marketing training is given so much attention in the responsible travel Nepal program. Responsible tourism has a very good networking within or outside the country as well. There are so many clients now. This is the advantage of responsible tourism program. This has become a great boost to many Nepali tourism entrepreneurs. The program has also extended the network with international tour operators directly. The concept of responsible tourism has help to save the environment, abolish the poverty and promote tourism in quite different way.

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