Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa

It is a well-known fact that trekking in Nepal is a wonderful and adventurous experience. There are so many places in Nepal where human beings have not stepped yet. By the way, trekking has become even more popular than before since the gradual development of tourism in Nepal. Edmund Hillary, the citizen of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal, the names have been engraved in the page of history for their great deed to step in Mt. Everest for the first time and also of course have found out route to the pick of Mt. Everest. Sir Hillary and Tenzing have been able to capture the attention of rest of the world by doing such outstanding job. These great two people had pioneered the expedition to Mt. Everest. Since then lots of people, specially Sherpa people have reached at the pinnacle of Mt. Everest. I personally can say that we have to give credit to Sir Edmund Hillary and Norbu Sherpa who are the first to give contribution for the development of trekking in Nepal.

Nowadays trekking has become one of the prominent aspects of tourism in Nepal. Annapurna is the Holy Grail place for the purpose of trekking. So many places have been given authorized by the government of Nepal. There are so many potentialities of trekking, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking in Nepal. Although trekking has been officially launched by so many travel agencies, but there are still so many challenges in the regard of trekking because trekking in anywhere in Nepal is so wild and adventurous. The visitors who want to visit Nepal for the purpose of trekking can get ideas about trekking in Nepal via travel agencies. There is trekking package like short distance and long distance expedition as per the capacity of tourists. Professional trekking guides and potters are available. During the trekking visitors can have the chance to experience the fact of Nepal and even can have the chance of tasting authentic Nepali food.

Not only the people, but also the nature seems standing to welcome the visitors with warm heart. Very cheap package, but can enjoy in expensive natural beauty. There will be lifetime memory in one’s life.

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