Food In Kathmandu

Gastronomy In Kathmandu

The diverse culture of Nepal has facilitated the growth of a variety of dishes based on the ethnic groups and the geographical features of the nation. The most popular dish and most important in the diet is Dal bhat Nepali, a dish of lentils and rice, generally served with vegetable curry. Given that Kathmandu only had one restaurant in 1955, there are now a variety of them to offer Nepalese cuisine, Tibetan cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine in particular, as well as other types of cuisine to offer services to people Nepalese and tourists coming from all over the world.

Food In Kathmandu

The growth of tourism in Kathmandu has led to culinary creativity and the development of hybrid dishes tourists thinking as American chop suey, which is a sweet and sour sauce with crispy noodles, usually served with a fried egg on top. Kathmandu is particularly famous for the “momos”. It is a kind of dumpling native to Tibet, which often sell many street vendors and fast food is more popular in Kathmandu.

The tea is widely consumed in Kathmandu, but it serves pretty weak by Western standards. Normally tea is made by boiling the leaves with milk, sugar and spices. You can find several local alcoholic drinks, and the most popular are Chhaang and Tongba, which are usually made with fermented millet or barley, the Thwon which is made with fermented rice, Ailaa made with potatoes and rice and fermented rakshi. The shops and bars in Kathmandu, however, sell beers and ales western India.

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