Gokarna Forest Resort Golf Kathmandu Nepal

Gokarna Forest Resort Golf Kathmandu Nepal is only about minutes from the hectic city Kathmandu an enchanting experience awaiting you. A fascinating rendezvous with life and nature in mystical Nepal can be found in Gokarna Forest Resort. Gorkarna Forest Resort is the only resort among five star hotels to be an Eco hotel in Nepal practicing environmentally and friendly activity. The resort is located inside the tranquil temperate 700 hector in forest. The resort was a private hunting ground of royal kings of Nepal and play ground of ancient golf of Nepal.

On the bank of the Bagmati River lies the mystical Gokarna Forest. Legend was built in the woods of Gokarna when long ago Siva the god of destruction and recreation disguised himself as a deer to trick Parvati his wife. Siva left abode on Tibet’s Kailash Mountain to discover Kathmandu Valley. While Siva into the woods the world began to suffer. Parvati bagan to search for her playful husband and rejoined by the god Brahma, Bishnu and Indra. During the search Parvati came on the bank of the Bagmati River which water flow from the Gokarna forest and began to meditate in Gaurighat nearby Pasupatinath Temple, the most ancient and sacred Hindu temple of Nepal. With the power of meditation Parvati understood the trick Siva had played. Goddess Parvati found Siva disguised as a deer and the god cut him by the horn and the horn broke into three pieces. It was then the Siva revealed to the true form to the three gods. Gokarna truly became a place where nature and legend meet.

A winding road climbs and leads to the Malla and Rana’s period architecture. Indulging suits and rooms seting a quiet and peaceful heaven but exotic forest feel. Among majestic trees on the edge of the plateau overlooking Gokarna Forest Harmony Spa combine therapeutic care and Ayurvedic treatment. Soothe your senses at Harmony Spa and abut for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Gokarna Forest Golf Resort one of the world’s most particular golf resort courses. South Asian finest crafted by led architects David Mclay Kidd assisted by director of Turf –grass management, James Kidd. The far 72 course nearly 6700 yards through the untouched forest. !8 holes of shot affixing.

The majestic Himalayas roof top of the world provides us stunning backdrop for this ancient forest. Verities of birds, animals alive encounter deer, monkey and flora on delightful forest walk. Holy places of worship within Gokarna Forest include the Sai Baba Mandir and deep in the forest the Ban Devi Temple the holiest in the area dedicated to the goddess of the forest.

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