Gundruk is national food or national dishes in Nepal. Gundruk is dry leafy veggies. Gundruk is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in Nepal. Gundruk is made from the fermentation of leafy vegetables.  We can call Saag for leafy vegetables in typical Nepali term. The taste of Gundruk is sour so we can use Gundruk as an appetizer. Gundruk is good for health because we can get sufficient amount of mineral. Gundruk is widely used in almost every household basically in off season of green vegetables. Whether in own country or outside the country almost all the Nepali people eat Gundruk. According to the data or estimation of the production of Gundruk is 2,000 ton every year. This shows the popularity of Gundruk in Nepali community. Foreigners have always given positive feedback after having Gundruk. Really, the taste of Gundruk is unique. So Gundruk is proud of Nepal. Don’t miss to have Gundruk if you are in Nepal.

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