History of Hotel in Nepal

History of Hotel Industry in Nepal has turned into positive aspect after the peace process taken action in 2008. House operated technically and in an estimated location. The word Hotel originated from the word hostel and again the word hostel from the word host. The word hotel was used in England in about 1760. Hotels may be generally defined as place, which provides over night furnished and serviced accommodation in return of payment. According to British law hotel is a place where bonafied travelers can receive Food and Beverage,  shelter if he is in a fit condition to receive hence hotel must provideFood and Beverage,  shelter  to the travelers on payment and has might to refuse if the traveler is drunk disorderly and is not in a condition to pay for the service. The Nepal hotel industries is perhaps one of the oldest commercial endeavors in the world. The earlier Inn where ventured by husband and wife team, who provided large hall for travelers to make their own bed and sleep on the floor. They also provide some food and also some beverage like wine, ale and stabling facilities. The enter cooking service and recreation was provided by the husband and wife team and by their family.This condition prevailed for several hundred years. After the industrial revolution and the development of railways, steamship made traveling more provident. The industrial revolution changed travel from social travel to business travel. There was a need to clean and quick service. The lead in Hotel was taken by Europe especially Switzerland. The real growth of modern hotel took place in the U.S.A beginning with opening of “City Hotel” in New York in 1794.

The real boom in Nepal Hotel industry come in 20th when two new concept emerged.

i> Hotel

ii> International chain operation.

International chain operation provide modern technology that individual owner merged themselves to large international chain such as   Sheeraton, Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Ramida Inn, Hilton, etc.               Seto Durbar

The first hotel opened in Nepal was “Nepal Hotel” in Patan Jawalakhel in 1151 to 1952 this hotel was opened and closed in one fiscal year. Mr. Boris Lisanevich Russian nationality arrived in Nepal with his Denish wife Inger in 1951 and established “Royal Hotel” in “Seto Durbar” or “Dip Bahadur Bhawan”. In 1952 “Parash Hotel” and in 1954 “Snow View Hotel” was opened. In 1956 hotel “Coronation” was opened in Bagbazar was first purposely built hotel in Nepal.

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