How Pushpa Basnet Became CNN Hero 2012 ?

Pushpa Basnet originally From Nepal has been awarded as CNN Hero 2012 for her great contribution on social work. She is a girl with deep philanthropic attitude and clean inner spirit as well. She was actually a deserve candidate and she did it. Pushpa Basnet has created a historical incident and it is a glorification of Nepal after the CNN hero Anuradha Koirala.

Pushpa Basnet Became CNN Hero 2012

She did a great job by making child care home for the children who were compelled to live with their imprisoned parents. Ms Basnet could not stop helping the deprived children in a pathetic condition. A kind of philanthropic sense emerged in her mind and she started with her social career generiously. Basnet showed her pure social work to the world. So her great deed most be followed by all the sensible human beings. Pushpa Basnet has become an icon social work in Nepal.

Hopefully, the entire international government and nongovernmental sectors will give her big hands to make sure continue her work. We can gain lesson that the initiation of every single step for positive thinking will lead to great success to create history globally.

There are very few people in this materialistic planet who have shown altruism, generosity and pity on other. Among such great fellows today Pushpa Basnet has come among us.

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