How to Cook Nepali food?

Nepali food is very easy to cook and digest. As we know the fact that the main food is Dal Bhat throughout the country. In typical Nepali term the set of Dal Bhat and Tarkari is called Khana. Similarly, snack is called Khaja. Without a plate of rice Nepali food is considered incomplete. So it is seen every lunch and dinner people eat Dal Bhat. Here is the way to cook Dal (lentil) Bhat (Rice) below:

Bhat (rice)

Rice, water
Procedure: Rice can be cooked either in vessel, rice cooker or pressure cooker. Just put required amount of rice and add water and cook until done.

Dal (lentil)

Four hundred gram beans or mung
Ginger garlic paste
One table spoon of turmeric
Two whole red chilies and two green chilies chopped
Two table spoon ghee
One table spoon cumin seeds
Red chili powder as per requirement
Fresh coriander chopped for garnish
Salt pepper seasoning/

Procedure: First of all boil the beans or mung in pressure cooker. After that put the wok on fire add ghee.  Put cumin seed, chopped onion and whole red chilly after few second add ginger garlic paste turmeric green chilies. Sauté masala and put beans or mung on it. Similarly, add red chili powder and salt pepper to seasoning. Finally, sprinkle chopped coriander for garnish and serve hot.

Tarkari (curry) and pickle is always best accompaniments with Dal Bhat. Dal Bhat and tarkari are typical Nepali food in Nepal.  Bhat can be eaten not only with Dal and tarkari, but also with non veg items like chicken curry, mutton curry and so on.

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