India and Nepal

India and Nepal have close relation since ancient time. There are so many similarities between Indian and Nepal in terms of culture, religion and even language. Even Nepali food and Indian food is similar in many extents. Most of the Indian and Nepali people eat Dal Bhat except Roti. There is majority of Hinduism both in India and Nepal. Both of the countries have diversity in race, language and ethnicity. The most prominent thing is free boarder between Indian and Nepal. So the people of both the countries have easy access to cross the border even without having passport. Ever year huge number of pilgrimages travels to each other country. This helps to exchange cultural. Even frontier side people have marital relation. Nepal has been considered as the land of sage and saint from ancient time. Most of the Hindu people of India want to travel to Nepal with the aims to see religious place like Muktinath, Manakamana, Janakpur Dham and pasupatinath and so on. Similarly, every year Nepali pilgrimage travel to India’s most famous religious places like Char Dham, Kasi, Banaras, Ayodhya and Mathura and so on. There is warm political relation between India and Nepal. Indian government has established Gurkha regiment in India. India use Gurkha army at the time of critical condition. There is optimum opportunity for Nepalese people to India to get quality education, employment and so on. Nepal government has paved the way for Indian investors to invest in business, trade and development. Travel from India to Nepal is very easy one can either use airplane or by vehicle. It is only 498 miles or 802 km between Delhi the capital city of India and Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal. According to the annual data of Nepal tourism board, the Indian visitors are in high rank in Nepal than any other tourists from the world. The government of Nepal has given specific facility to Indian tourists. Just like the fare or cost is cheaper than any other tourists from the world in every tourism spot. Most of the Indian tourists visit Nepal with the aim of visiting religious places of Nepal. Most of the people of Nepal who live in urban area can easily understand Hindi language. Even the script between Indian and Nepal is same. So it is very easy to learn each other language well and fast. Bollywood movies have patronized the Nepal cine industry because there are so many bollywood stars fans in Nepal. Festival and culture is same between the Hindu people of Indian and Nepal.

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