Kanchenjunga Trekking – Hardcore Jungle In Nepal

Trek below (and partially around) the third highest mountain in the planet is not one of those too often pacing. Kangchenjunga Nepal lies on the eastern border with India and if you are not flying the plane instead of the transportation is slow and tedious. In addition, exposure to the authorization may be drastic intervention in the wallet.

Picture of Kanchenjunga Trekking

It may be, but need not, but more on that below. But what about the trek attracts the most is his intensity and loneliness. On this trip we hardly tripping over crowds of tourists everywhere, also on the popular tearooms and lodge forget. Not quite completely, but local supply is still more focused on more bums with a tent and own supply of food. But let’s go back to the beginning nicely.

The route Kathmandu – Suketar, permitting rapid movement under the mountain, it was not for the great clouds for a few days so the only possible chance of getting into the area to get the bus. Personally, this mode of transportation hunted, it is the ideal way to know the real life of the country, but to spend in a relentless, and almost 50 hours was a little strong coffee. But it could still bite, but this was beyond the scope of understanding, the state of the roads and the self-destruct daring drivers.

Which trek to choose?

Trek, respectively two tracks – the northern and southern branch

The starting point is the Taplejung

Taplejung is the starting point from where you can go according to prevailing conditions off-road drive up to the village Suketar under normal conditions, so that any time. Looking at the steep muddy path, ascending a hill and so the initial 700 meters of altitude we pretty foot. Due to delays in walking to the exit Suketar trekkers are pleased when arrive in the evening to a small poor village Lal Khark.

The next few days pathway overcomes the rivers with a few dozen bridges of varying quality – from steel to durable roughly hewn log, moss-covered plain, and put great faith in the courage of the Pilgrim rebellious canyon. An interesting and somewhat unexpected natural phenomenon roads are beautiful waterfalls, which are indeed many and its setting in the green gloom of the forest rather remind wandering Costa Rica than in the highest mountains of the planet.

Leeches slimy creatures

Twist in the weather and the next process occurs reaching the last inhabited village on the trek – Yamphudinu. Recent rain severely damaged the original route, and so must our guide to improvise an alternative route definitely not for the faint-hearted. The objective remains the same stage still mountaintop Bhanjyang Lamia (3520 m), but access is really rough. From the morning rain, trail and traverses the steep, grass-covered and slippery slopes are properly really risky. In addition to the word leech reports, it’s really almost unbelievable, everywhere where those little slimy creatures get. All right to penetrate the skin by binding a shoe, sock and crawl unnoticed without the person noticing stronger suck and suck. Suck until the “overhang” and simply explode eaten own. Thanks enzyme hirudin, which prevents blood clotting and leeches that are released into the wound, skin contested changes in one big bloody spot.

I know why this is one of the toughest trek

Also, the next day is not a walk in the park, and finally understands why talking about this trek as one of the toughest in the world. Travers Mountain peaks Lamia Bhanjyang that recent landslide a significant fraction of its mass, was one of the worst moments along the way. More than a thousand meter, almost perpendicular section to be overcome very risky transition, where the only protective elements are bare root stumps of trees that ferocious force of nature was not enough to take with you into the valley. Fun as hell, one wrong move, one slip in.. Hi friends. Falling to the depths, but with a heavy rat on his back would certainly not be able to survive one. Girders overcome endless side valleys with dozens of streams and rivers. Top Wet, wet bottoms the aim of the next ten-adventure camp Torontan. Evening mood of the evening will raise a little look at the first glaciated Himalayan giants, who are fortunately next door.

Three mountain saddle

If we want to reach the northern route trek ‘boar’, we must overcome three alpine saddles. It is for us the culmination of a certain way, as if it knew Himalayan gods, give us your favor. Although the weather is not exactly ideal, but after what we have experienced, it’s a miracle the trail is very noticeable and significant drop off and comfortable. Finally, although only for a moment, but still a fascinating glimpse of the main peak of Kangchenjunga, but also the surrounding giants do not mistake, especially giant shamrock Talung, Kabra and Ratong not a mistake. The first and highest seat no name (4720 m), but the other two on the way Mirgin La (4675 m) and Sinion La (4660 m) are better. Although we are quite high up in the mountains and surrounding mountains in the cool high as six thousand meters, it’s not too much to see. It is rather a Tatra landscape rocks, meadows and colorful lichens.

Back seven routes

Time bounded on the trek has been long swung into the second half and if trekkers want to catch a plane home from Kathmandu, throw them bally. The northern route is much easier than the southern branch and so the descent ever lubricate. Trekker are Working from early morning to late evening and the recognition of our speed comes even from the local people, which is a real honor (alone in the mountains does not come, but rather run). Roughest day is the last day, when visitors have only two common stages squeeze into one, but still heard again Suketar to the village, where trek ends. 12 hours of hard walk was really to stop, but it does. Trekkers do not get to northern BC; where the concentration of alpine beauty reportedly the largest, but even so it was an experience you will never forget any.

Practical information Kanchenjunga Trekking

Permit: Can be dealt with by local travel companies. Their interest is of course a “full service”, i.e. carriers, cooks, guides, etc. This corresponds price (range was from 500 to 700 U.S. dollars per capita, but it depends on the size of the group).

Accommodation and meals: The trek is not possible. If trekkers move along the northern trek, so it is a total care (especially the first 4-5 stages). Then there is nothing. Southern variant has a much worse conditions. Just a few shop with the poor, but sufficient range, modest accommodation or rather no. But there is plenty of good camping (pay extra, but a couple of money).

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