Manang Valley Nepal Trek

Manang Valley is situated on the broad valley of the Marshyangdi River to the north of the Annapurna Mountain Range of Manang district in Nepal,which is a landlocked sovereign state situated in south Asia. It is a large settlement with well over 500 flat-roofed houses guarded by a chorten and an extensive wall of grey stones etched with the “Om mani padme hum” prayer. Actually, Manang valley has been divided into two categories like upper Manang valley and lower Manang valley. But in no difference they are famous for its rich culture, monasteries, wildlife, highest lake(Tilicho lake) and its highest pass,Thorang La Pass 5416m.

Trek around the famed Annapurna Massif till Jomsom offers the most diversity of any trek in Nepal in Manang Valley. It is highly reputed town of fascinating ethnic groups each with their own language, incredible views of many of the Himalayas famous high peaks, and constantly changing panoramas -from lush, tropical rice paddies and moss-laden rhododendron forests to Tibetan fortresses clinging to rocky cliffs. Rhododendron flower is Nepal’s national flower. The valley is especially popular for trekking and rock climbing. Most groups trekking around the Annapurna will take resting days in Manang to acclimatize to the high altitude, before taking the Thorong La pass. The village is situated on the northern slope, which gets the most sunlight and the least snow cover in the winter. The cultivation fields are on the north slope with terraces.

Though Manang Valley lies in the himalayan region, near Nepal-Tibet border,  there are offers and tremendous opportunities due to its rich natural flora and fauna. Well those people living there is called as Manangies and are the best known traders of Nepal.

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