Mount Everest

Mount Everest the  highest mountain in the world, which is lies between Nepal and China. The  name of mount Everest is “ Sagarmatha” in Nepali term and Chomolungma in Tibet term. Sagarmatha means goddess of the sky and Chomolungma means  mother goddess of the universe. It is said Mount Everest was formed about 60 million years ago. The height of Mount Everest is 8848m from sea level. Besides, the height is found to be 6′ higher in 1999. In 1865, Everest was given its official English name by the Royal Geographical Society upon a recommendation by Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor General of India.  Sir George Everest was the first person to record the height and location of Mt. Everest, this is where Mt.”Everest” got its name from(In american language).

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people step on the pinnacle of Mount Everest via the South Col Route. The first solo ascent was accomplished on Aug. 20,1980 by Reinhold Messner. Likewise, the first winter climb was completed on Feb. 17,1980 by L.Cichy and K. Wielicki. First ascent by an american was accomplished on May 1,1963, James Whittaker, via the South-Col.

Note: Mt. Everest rises a few milimeters each year due to geological forces

Here is the lists of record done by Everest climbers:

First Ascent by a Woman: 

May 16,1975, Junko Tabei, JAP, via the South-Col

First Ascent by an American Woman:

Sep.29,1988, Stacey Allison, Portland, OR via the South-East Ridge

First Oxygenless Ascent:

May 8, 1978- Reinhold Messner, IT, and Peter Habeler, AUT, via the South-East Ridge

First woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest from both north & south sides:

Cathy O’Dowd (S.A.) South May 25,1996/North ’99

Fastest Ascent from South:

Babu Chhiri Sherpa 34, NP-16 hours and 56 minutes (5-21-2000)

Fastest Ascent (north side):

Hans Kammerlander (IT) May,24,1996, via the standard North Col Ridge Route, 16 hours 45 minutes from base camp

Youngest person:

Temba Tsheri (NP) 15 on May,22,2001

Oldest Person:

Sherman Bull May,25,2001 -64 yrs

First Legally Blind Person:

Erik Weihenmeyer May,25,2001


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