Nepal National Holidays

Nepal National Holidays are given below:

-Children’s Day:

Children’s day is celebrated every year on 29th of Bhadra since 2063 BS instead of the 4th of Bhadra that had been celebrated before. Nepal has decided to celebrate the children’s day on 29th of Bhadra marking the date of approval and singing upon United Nations Child Right Resolution on September 16, 1990. Every School celebrates the day by organizing various programmes.

-Constitution Day:

The constitution day is celebrated every year marking the day of its declaration. 1th of Magh is the Constitution Day of Nepal as the Interim Constitution – 2063 has been declared on that day.

-Martyr’s Day:

The Martyr’s Day is celebrated on the 16th of Magh. It is celebrated for seven days in memory of the Martyrs who sacrificed their life in the struggle of establishing democratic system in the nation. There is a Martyr’s Gate in Kathmandu with the statue of the four great Martyrs Shukraraj Shashtri, Dharmabhakta Mathema, Dasharath Chand and Gangalal. The leaders and public come to Sahid Gate and pay their respect to the Martyrs by offering bunches of flowers. Similarly, people come to Martyr’s memorial in Lainchaur as well and pay their respect in the same way. Shukraraj Shastri was hung at Teku, Pachali, Dharmabhakta at Siphal, Dasharath Chand and Gangalal were shot at Shobhabhagawati, Kathmandu. People go to these places and pay their respects to the Martyrs as well in Martyr’s day. Martyr’s who sacrificed their life in 2046 BS and 2063 BS for the establishment of democracy in Nepal are also duly respected and remembered by organizing different programs all over the country.

- Democracy Day:

Fagun 7, 2007 BS is celebrated as the Democracy Day to mark the termination of Rana regime.

- Loktantra Diwas:

Loktantra Diwas is celebrated each year on the 11th of Baishakh for the reminiscence of the achievement of Pro-democracy as a result of people’s movement.

-Education Day:

Education Day is celebrated each year on 8th of the September; it is the day of Literacy Day too. Personalities who have significant contribution in education field are respected and awarded. Ministry of Education and Sports, Universities and Educational Institutions actively celebrate the Day by organizing several programmes.

- International Women’s Day:

International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on 8th of March in memory of women’s struggle. Government has announced the public holiday for female job holders for this day.

- International Labour Day:

May 1th is the International Labour Day. It is also observed as the national holiday after the restoration of democracy in 2063 Bs in Nepal. It is also known as the May Day.

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