Nepali Food

Nepali food indicates to cuisines of Nepal. As we know the fact that food of Nepal is on the basis of diversity of geographical structure, culture, ethnic group and climate. This implies that every single ethnic group has its own sort of food or cuisines. However, dal, bhat and tarkari are eaten all across the country. Although Nepali food is not so popular throughout the world, but tourists in Nepal love to have authentic Nepali food (Dal Bhat). And of course most of the Nepali food is similar to Indian cuisines. However, Nepali foods are less spicy than Indian food. Actually, Dal is lentil soup and Bhat is rice, similarly, Tarkari is mixed vegetable basically the dish is accompanied with chutney (Pickle). Basically, chutney is made with the ingredients of tomato, chilly, salt and black pepper. Besides, various kinds of fermented pickles are used as chutney. Even manifolds of salad are used in Nepali food. Besides dal bhat and tarkari there are so many typical Nepali foods according to places and ethnic groups are listed below:

Dal Bhat
Samay Baji
Nepali Food Momo

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