Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal the country of eternal natural beauty and landscape consists of the best places in the earth. There are many awesome places to visit in Nepal.  The places in Nepal are simply fascinating with spellbound enthralling mountain peaks, amazing green pasture, magnificent temples, overflowing and enchanting beauty of historical cities and lots more. Nepal is gifted with the wonderful places that dwells the fun with spiritual bliss. There are numerous exotic places to visit in Nepal. All of them cannot be listed down and defined. You need to visit Nepal and explore yourself. However, here are some of the best places to explore in Nepal.

  • Kathmandu: Kathmandu city is the heart of Nepal which is decorated with timeless beauty. It is the capital of Nepal. Kathmandu Nepal is the habitat of blissful tourist places that are simply outstanding, clothed in the mesmeric charisma and grandeur. In Kathmandu, you can enjoy the beauty of temples and get blessed with the blessings of living goddess kumari. There are abundant temples in Kathmandu, due to which it is also called the city of temples. Besides being the city of temple, Kathmandu is also the political and commercial hub of Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley has the enjoyable climate most of the year. However, the popular time to visit Kathmandu is August through December.


  • Bhaktapur: Bhaktapur is the third major town in the Kathmandu Valley. This city is well known for its architectural beauty and artistic wortks. Bhaktapur is also famous for their home made curd which is known in Nepal as Khopa Dhau. Along with this it is the major pottery center of the valley. Bhaktapur means the city of devotees. Some of the major tourist attractions in bhaktapur city are bhaktapur durbar square, nyatpola temple, bhairabnath temple, dattatraya square, potter’s square, surya vinayak, the bronze and brass museum.


  • Pokhara: Pokhara is one of favorite destination for tourists in Nepal as it is the starting point for the most famous treks in Nepal. Due to this it is the major money spinners of Nepali tourism. Pokhara is rich in natural beauty. It is well known for the reflection of Mount Machchhapuchre (Fishtail) falling on the crystal clear water of Phewa Lake. Pokhara is called the city of adventures as it is the place which is ideal for trekking. The city itself is divided into two zones – the lakeside and the bazaar area. In the lakeside there are many hotels and restaurants.


  • Lumbini: lumbini is the centre of attraction to the tourists as it is the birth place of Gautama Buddha. So, people visit this place not only for the sake of visiting but also for the sake of gaining eternal spiritual bliss. This place is famous for mountains and monuments. The main attraction at Lumbini is the Secred Garden, mayadevi temple, the Ashoka Pillar. The pillar was raised by Emperor Ashoka in order to commemorate his pilgrimage to the sacred site. Buddhist scripts say Ashoka placed a stone on top of the bricks on the birth place of Lord Buddha.

The places to visit Nepal are not limited to these places and cities. There are many other places that are must visits in Nepal. Some of them are janakpur, lalitpur, tansen, mustang, chitwan and lots more. So, come and visit Nepal. Explore the places with your own eyes and the happiness of your lifetime.



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