Sarus Cranes In Lumbini Nepal

Sarus Cranes In Lumbini Nepal

Lumbini Nepal is a sacred ground where Maya Devi gave birth to Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama 2500 years ago. Lumbini is full of natural beauties and incredible wild life. The Lumbini is famous place not only for sacred destination but also for wild life. There were many birds and animals in those days. Even today we can see some birds which come from Mongolia, Russia and Siberia. Particularly beloved by Buddha was Sarus Crane a giant bird. It is still in Nepal for centuries ago. It is said Buddha’s battle to stop his cousin from hunting the giant bird, Sarus Crane. It is easy to see why the Sarus is so beloved. The crane is nearly 5 ft tall and even the tallest flying birds in the world. This graceful giant is also made for life which has to their mystic. But Buddha’s beloved Crane have been hunted and at the brink of extinction. At the century’s ago there were more than 20 thousand Sarus Cranes of Nepal. Today it is estimated only 200 left. Basically Buddhism supports lot of conservation philosophy and message, and the conservationists are trying to capitalize on this sort of message to promote crane conservation in Nepal. This area was once one of the largest grassland in Asia. Now farms, crops, villagers, road, woods even highway and occupied the Crane home territory. Organization like the international Crane foundation, the Asian Crane Congress and the Lumbini development trust have joined hand to set up the Crane settler. One the biggest challenge they face the fact is incredible fodder ground in order to territory crops for year. Farmer crop their field with fertilizers and pesticides and the Cranes are dying because after eating this treated wheat and weeds. Cranes lose their appetite and they could stay in one place for a day or two and drop dead. The conservation team roams the surrounding villages to encourage the village leaders to educate the community and teach them to protect natural water resources. Since there is hardly any forest around lost nest within the midst of the paddy field, the Crane forage actively in the field and the Crane’s chicks are growing up surrounded by humans. Very innocently and not knowingly people want to capture chicks and keep it as a pet in their houses. The awareness campaign has begun to have impact. Nevertheless, there is a hope to thrive of the Crane in the sacred place of Lumbini.

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