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Tourists forbid visiting Chitwan because of constant strikes and bands

Tourism sector Chitwan has been affected hard because of constant bands and strike. As per the tourism entrepreneurs, hotels in this famous Jungle safari and hunting destination have been emptying while a few weeks ago they were reporting overbooking with hordes of Chinese and Indian visitors making reservations. Tourists have started canceling their trips. Hotel [...]

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New paragliding destination in Nepal

Bandipur is one of the renowned tourism destinations in Nepal. Bandipur is especially famous for oranges. Along with the time and continually development of tourism in Bandipur, Bluesky paragliding is going to launch commercial paragliding in Bandipur. It is expected to be Nepal’s second commercial paragliding destination after Pokhara. According to the director of Bluesky [...]

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Why Not Jump From Suspension Bridge

Nepal’s the first commercially operated Bunjee Jump is located in the Bhotekosi River gorge at the brink of Tibet and of course in the lap of nature. It is only three hours ride from Kathmandu. Unlike other adventure deeds like rock climbing, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking and paragliding and so on, bunjee jump is very [...]

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