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Where is Kathmandu

Where is Kathmandu? Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal where millions of inhabitants, largest metropolitan city of Nepal. Kathmandu valley is surrounded by hills. Kathmandu has two sister regions they are Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. Lalitpur is 5km to its south and Bhaktapur is 12km to its west and different number of  smaller town. The municipal  area of Kathmandu is 50.67 square kilometres [...]

Sindhupalchok Festival (Mohatsab) 2011

Sindhupalchok Festival (Mohatsab) 2011 Attractions of Festival: – Exhibition of industry, agriculture, tourism, water resources and forest. – Presentation of cultural program performing by local and national level artists like JIREKHURSANI, JHAIKUTI And TITO SATYA. – Exhibition and trade of local production. – Subjective interaction by experts on the topic of industry, trade, agriculture, tourism, water resources and forest [...]

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Tallest statue of Lord Shiva opened for public

The hundred and forty three feet tallest statue of Lord Shiva has been opened for public from 21th June 2010. The statue was inaugurated by Sarad Singh Bhandari, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation. He said that this statue added one more tourism destination in Nepal. He also claimed that the statue is the world’s [...]

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