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Lukla in Nepal

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The etymological meaning of Lukla implicates many goats and sheep this exactly explores the truth that people of Lukla get by animals husbandry, but actually it is not so these days because there are few sheep and goats. This shows that nowadays people have selected tourism industry for livelihood. So many hotels, lodges and [...]

Tourist Police In Nepal

I want to mention that the Tourist Police is a special police unit in Nepal, working under the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Division of the tourism industry. The office is positioned at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Tourist Service Center Building, and also have a complaints office to the airport and Basantapur Durbar Square. Tourist [...]

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Two Trekkers (Japanese And Nepalese) Killed During Langtang Trek

Trekking , climbing whatever it’s all about adventure. Most of us cannot stop doing such adventurous deeds. Sometime we create a history for entire human age on planet and adversely sometime we lose our life while doing so, but human being never stop to create a history. It goes relentlessly. This is our identity of [...]

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