Taste Of Nepali Food Dalbhat Or Momo In Restaurants

Taste Of Nepali Food Dalbhat Or Momo In Restaurants

If you choose to visit Nepal, which I highly recommend, you’ll be much easier if you love rice and vegetables. If not habit with similar foods, you may occasionally have a little problem with what to eat. Anyway you have to try the taste of Nepali food Dalbhat or Momo in restaurants.

Rice can be found in many forms in Nepal, it is the cheapest food.

The most typical is Dal Bhat. Dal refers to lentil and Bhat refers to rice in Nepal. Dal Bhat is often for breakfast, lunch and dinner. First get a pile of rice – Bath, and the lentil soup. At the edge of the plate will then accumulate Annex a spicy mixture of potatoes and vegetables – curry, spicy blend of meat and spicy chilli sauce. It is also often served as an annex steamed spinach. Then pour over the rice and other attachments to the mix as you please. You have to pay a bit more than other foods for dalbhat, but you can add as much as you’re not completely satisfied.

If you do not have a taste for rice, we go to momo restaurant, which abound in Kathmandu. Momo is a typical Tibetan delicacy. It is minced meat balls, coated in batter and cooked in steam. On the plate you get such small momo about 10 Of course not miss hot sauce in which you dip momo. It’s really a treat.

In a small snack on the street you can find goodness interesting maybe pakora, mixture of vegetables and eggs fried in oil can be compared to continental food meatball. And do not forget chili sauce, into which you dip pakora. Chilli sauce really can not miss with any Nepalese food. This is a great delicacy, but a bit oily one cannot much to choose from. Therefore, westerners sometimes really miss the food! Like dumplings, cheeses of all kinds, roast meat, bacon, sausage …

Fruit Plate Lunches

In Nepal I have some concerns about eating meat. If you see a local butcher, I think you understand. Before the store is on the table, goat head, next to the hunk of meat, lots of flies around … That is really rather indulges vegetables or fruit from the local market. To buy, there are pineapples, melons, mango and fresh bananas imported from Tarai, a lowland area in the south of Nepal.

In the street you stand for a few crowns prepared fruit plate, which is a great dessert after lunch. Overall, the people had much more than vegetables and fruit when in this country. The meat products are frequently consumed like buffalo, chicken. Pork is rarely, for special events. Do not think about the cow meat so called beef in Nepal because we are in the country with majority of Hindu people and cow is sacred. However, the cows can meet all sorts of places. On the street, middle of the road, a herd of cows on the bridge, wandering the hills …

During festivals in Nepal which is blessed with drinking rice beer or wine – Roxie. The rice beer is excellent it is called Jand in Nepali language. In the country it is produced at home almost every family and guests as foreigners are sometimes also invited to sample. The village people are very friendly and often invite visitors for tea dalbhat. If you found the food is tasty then say thank in Nepali – dhanyebaad and say it was excellent – mithocha. Be sure that you know the rest of the hospitality in Nepal. Nepalis are very friendly people. They want to talk with guests and please the guests.

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