Nepal is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world. Tourists from all over the world come here mostly to trek across and climb the world famous Himalayas. Many of the Nepali people depend on tourism for their livelihood. So there is high possibilities of Tourism In Nepal.

The first and the foremost in Nepali tourism is the mighty Himalayas. Nepal is the tallest mountain range of the world and has the tallest peaks like the Mount Everest, Annapurna, Kanchenjunga and Dhaulagiri. They are the main mountains that attract the tourists. Tourists come from all corners of the globe to see and stay among the tallest peaks of the world. Visitors also trek across the mountain trails to far off villages that are not accessible, either by vehicle or airplane. Tourists see and study the culture and the way the people in the villages live.

The Himalayas are not only famous for its mountains. It is renowned the world over for its flora and fauna. “Spiny Babbler” is a bird that is found only in Nepal. The variety of plant and animals life is numerous and different. One can also find a lot of scientists and conservationists camping in the Himalayas, colleting samples and taking photographs. The Himalayas is a haven for the people who want to study the flora. Besides the Himalayas, the tourists also go to the Chitwan National Park to see the rhinos, elephants, tigers and deer in their natural habitat. Chitwan National park also houses the ethnic Tharu people. These people are sturdy and hardworking. They are also immune to malaria. The Tharus’ are a very good living example of people living in harmony with nature. It is one of the most successful conservation projects in Nepal.

A lot of the Nepalese are directly or indirectly dependent on the tourists for their livelihood. The people involved in the travel trade are directly dependent on the tourists for their livelihood. These are people who are involved in chalking out an itinerary for the tourists and making their travel arrangements. Other people work as guides and porters when the tourists go on treks or sightseeing. People who own and work in hotels are also directly dependent on tourism. This kind of dependency and livelihood is directly related to the number of tourists coming to Nepal. More the tourists, better the business.

Other people who are indirectly involved in the industry are cab drivers, rickshaw pullers, shopkeepers and others. These people are not totally dependent on tourism for their livelihood but will thrive if tourism is good.

One can safely conclude that quite a number of people are directly or indirectly dependent on tourism and it plays a vital role in the economy of the nation. An increase in the number of tourists means an increase in the direct earning of the people and country, so we have to try our best to encourage the foreigners to come and tour Nepal.

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