Tourism Industry And Its Importance In Nepal

The industries that are involved in producing goods and services which help tourists are called tourism industry. Like other types of industries, this industry is also expanding rapidly. In 2063/64, the contribution of this sector to the total domestic production was 1.2 percent. The examples of internal and external tourists are given below.

The  students of class ten  from Kavre district is now in an educational tour in Kathmandu. These students are also tourists from a school. Those individuals who leave their residence and go to any other new place with the motive of enjoying holidays, carrying out business, going on religious tour, participating in meetings and conferences or travel for any other circumstances are called tourists.

Mr. and Mrs. Chaudhary came from Nepalgunj and lodged in Mugling. Next day the couple went to Manakamana temple by cable car. This couple is considered as domestic or internal tourists. This type of tourists travel and visit places mostly with business and religious purpose. Number of tourists visiting mountainous regions and national parks is also increasing. Today’s youth of Nepal like to visit different places.

International tourists travel from one country to another.  Fifty years ago, this kind of tourists were seen very less in numbers due to transportation facilities, less number of hotels, poor information technology etc. now due to all kinds of facilities, there has been an increase in the number of international tourists.

Reasons behind people becoming tourists and visiting places:

- To entertain during holidays.

- To observe and learn about other’s lifestyle.

- To work for government.

- To trek and for business.

- To avoid bad weather.

- To visit famous places.

- To travel with religious purpose of visiting temples etc.

Importance of Tourism:

- Development of Physical and Social infrastructure

- Earning foreign currency

- Publicity of Nepal in the world

- Increase in trade and commerce

- Conservation of art and culture

- Contribution to national income

- Support for cottage industry

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