Tourism Industry In Nepal

Tourism Industry In Nepal

Tourism industry in Nepal information…

Tourism is a kind of industry where people from other places or countries come to visit for religion, education, entertainment, political, economy and business purpose and in turn, for such people have been given food and lodging or entertainment facilities. To give facilities and entertainment, manifolds of activities (trade, enterprise and production) have been conducted. The people come to visit for various kind of purpose are called tourists and to give services and facilities like providing accommodations, managing transportation, doing business relate on visitors is all within the territory of tourism industry. For this process huge numbers of manpower have been involved in tourism industry. Therefore, all kinds of activities for promoting tourism are taken as tourism industry.

Foreigners had come to visit in Nepal only after 2007 B.S.  Since then Nepal has been opened for foreigners to visit. Before that time some missionaries have come to Nepal for the publicity of religion. Some of them have learned and done research about Nepali people and Nepal.

Due to diversity in culture or tradition and various panoramic views there is significant potentiality of tourism in Nepal. There are millions of tourism destinations in Nepal. Nowadays, for the adventurous tours and trekking in Nepal most of the tourists come to climb mountains like the highest peak Mount Everest. Similarly, for the holy pilgrim, most of the tourists come to see the birthplace of lord Buddha in Lumbini and great Hindu temple Pasupatinath.  Normally, tourists come in Nepal to see various pilgrims, range of Himalayas, natural, Physical features of Nepal, lands, lakes, and waterfalls and even want to know about races and languages, cultures and traditions. The government of Nepal has forwarded the plans and strategies to promote tourism in Nepal. For that reason Visit Nepal 1998 had been celebrated. “Destination to Nepal” campaign had been declared in 2002-2003 for the awareness of tourism in Nepal. Eventually, the government of Nepal had announced Visit Nepal 2011. Tourism has been developed as a prominent industry in Nepal.

There are huge possibilities to strength the economy of the nation by developing tourism industries in Nepal. Tourism industry can be able to minimize unemployment rate in Nepal. The industry can motivate local architect, skill and arts. There is chance of invest in tourism sectors for all levels of people. Tourism industry can be helpful to make overall economy dynamic. Despite all the fact, there is even more challenging because of lack of peace and infrastructure for tourists.

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