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Nepal, Kathmandu is a fascinating starting point for hikes! Hindu and Tibetan culture mix with its crowded streets. Ancient temples reflect the spiritual wealth of the poor, run-down in the beautiful mountain town. The journey or travel Kathmandu begins when you book your cheap flights and accommodation.

Tour and Travel Kathmandu

Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu valley, a dormant has always been popular with backpackers. In the hustle and bustle of the narrow streets and bazaars are confusing to watch first-timers eyes. The unique historical temples and palaces exude the atmosphere of bygone days, while vegetable merchants serving seafood close angles.

City streets are on the surface of contrasts: the monkeys’ monuments and sacred cows, beggar heads and hands reaching out, the beautiful and the old, the poor, but so friendly. Kathmandu is a multi-hiker milestone and a very interesting one at that. Local regions have a lot to see in longer are present.

UNESCO World Heritage-listed Durbar Square filled with fascinating temples and palaces. It acts as a center of many festivals. Please visit the Museum Square. Architecturally interesting Taleju temple is special, which is also one of the oldest.

Thamel Kathmandu

Most of travel is concentrated in this area. The Internet, hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes to find success with ease different alien’s kitchens are represented here, if the pizza craving hits. Nepal is coffee producer, so high-quality coffee experience is available, even if the local tea drinkers are keen. Nepalese chhaang or Jand (rice beer) and Everest beer-and-wine Raksi are okay if you do not expect anything revolutionary in the country. Shopping list can be added the famous tiger balsam, hemp, and silk and cashmere scarves, many kinds of hippie props as well as hiking and climbing gear. Many are falling down and covered with carpet-shopping. Electronics is also surprisingly cheap prices.

The royal palace nearby is a peaceful and well-restored garden of your dreams, which is a good shade to rest your nerves. About 20 minutes away from Thamel is a sacred Swayambunath, which offers great city views. Eight miles of Thamel, about 1,420 meters above sea level, nestled Chobhar village, where you can also go to meet landscape hunger. Freak Street is hippie time’s heritage. It will spend the south Basantapur Square. Freak wills you find cheap and dodgy hostels and spiritual enlightenment necessary props deal in Liehu bearded Hippe

Boudha Stupa – the cradle of spirituality

Boudha Stupa Kathmandu is a gem! This Tibetan Buddhist sacred Positioned among area contains a number of temples, around which walk around with Tibetan monks and nuns humming mantras. Stupa polite way to explore is to walk around it clockwise. Strong incense smell is intoxicating. Here, the Tibetan Sherpa Culture mixes fascinating Himalayan local culture. Countries Tibetan thukpaa and tour the intricate crafts gush on market stalls. Boudha stupa near Shechen is a beautiful monastery; a garden restaurant is a comfortable sit.

Pashupatinath is the holy temple of the god Shiva, the eastern outskirts of the city. Mysterious apes favor Pashupatinath is advisable to arrive at dawn, when performed a ritual bath in the river river.

Kathmandu parks

Royal Chitwan National Park, nature is lush and jungle. The area can be accessed from the back of elephant by hand, which is a wildlife spot a good way to get around. Nagarkot is located in a beautiful two thousand meters, about 30 km from Kathmandu. It is the perfect hideaway in the bustle of the saturation.

Kathmandu festival – do not miss out on these!

A large part of the festival held Durbar Square. March smudgy Holi festivities Toner fill the streets. The five-day Hindu festival of light, Tihar / Dipawali, is held annually in late October or early November. Then the sky is filled with fireworks, and which side of the candles and color lantern. Pilgrims important Bikram (New Year) begins in April. Indra Jatra, harvest festivals celebrated in September for several days. Women’s Festival Teej is also a frolic of September, when the hopeful single women ask for prayers from the future husband.

Even if you have not walked in the past, you can do quite easily in a few days hiking incredibly beautiful Himalayan scenery. Nagarkot is a good hiking destination. Annapurna Mountains suitable for the beginner through four days of hiking trails of a few thousand meters of altitude. Kilometer increase in the height of the mountains is a long way, so evaluate your fitness to a variety of trip options were weighed.

Sight puzzling given the heights of the mountains are overwhelming Award exhausting and seemingly endless wandering appreciable! Annapurna 8,291 meters high towering stills the mind of everyday thinking. In this environment, resting the mind, yoga and meditation centers is not a bad idea. In many cases, there is also a massage and Buddhism lessons.

Navigating in Kathmandu

In order to avoid urban orienteering change it too easy, you will soon notice the street names on the missing to a large extent. People beckon you with directions Thamel area of Kathmandu Guest House and type of landmarks when you want to explore the wider neighborhood, rent a car, and a local driver, or Whizz around Rickshaw ride. Short trips by bike you local buses faster and cost of this brilliant game to be rented all the bigger cities. Take the left hand traffic. Many travel the same distance also from Nepal to India to experience at least in Delhi and Varanasi, which are close to the Nepalese border.

Kathmandu safety

Kathmandu is fairly safe reputation, and tourists on the violent crimes are rare. In the adjacent forest areas should not walk alone, but rather as a group. Unrest in the government and the Maoists between end until 2006, and the size of the country’s political stability is fragile. Avoid public demonstrations and strikes; the blockage is hot sensation experience! The rains caused by the ravaging maavyöryjä you, and in the country, there is some earthquakes. Follow local news reissue time and check out the road conditions. Pickpockets and Kathmandu filthy dirty water is often extensive travel biggest nuisance.
About tourist police in Kathmandu

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