Trekking In Rolwaling Region Nepal

The exciting trekking in Rolwaling leads away from tourist treks from subtropical Dolakha into rough and barren valley of Rolwaling, the easternmost settlement of the Sherpas. On demanding, lonely roads trekkers move into one of the most fascinating highlands of Nepal – and to top two peaks lure with stunning views! Khumhu west of and near the Tibetan border is a wild, lonely high valley “Rolwaling”, it is by the local Sherpas called “the grave”, because it is tucked between steep snowy peaks. One can hear a lot of stories about this mysterious valley, the legendary and prominent Yeti is believed that he is staying here. This beautiful valley is still in good condition, apart from the tracks of the hikers. Finding here is relatively tedious; you should be ready to take on the full path to full logistical support assistance, because there are almost no facilities for food and lodging here.

Trek begins here by one of the loneliest and most beautiful parts of Nepal. You walk through the Rolwaling valley, famous as one of the seven hidden valleys in the Himalayas, past beautiful Sherpa and Tamang villages. Rolwaling is the east-west valley below Gauri Shankar (7135 m) to the south near the Tibetan border. Beding and Na are the last Sherpa villages of the valley, from which more than 20 good Sherpa climbers are that climbed Mount Everest and many other peaks 8000s. You cross the Tashi Lapcha Pass (5755 m) and visit Thame, Tenzin Norgay’s hometown. Then you enter the Khumbu valley, the land of the Sherpas, located at the foot of Mount Everest. Grandiose Ausssichten you Gauri Shankar Mountain, Mt and Mt Dorje Lakpa Tashi Lapcha, all located along the route. This trail offers a great opportunity for short climbs to the summit as the Ramdong Go (5930 m) and the Pharchamoro (6187 m). This trek is strenuous, technical climbing experience and proven Mountaineering equipment is absolutely necessary.

 HIGHLIGHTS Of Trekking In Rolwaling:

• Small Sherpa villages in stunning, secluded Rolwaling Valley
• Exceeding the 5750-meter-high, high alpine Trashi Laptsa
• Optional climbs the Yalung Ri (5500 meters) and the Pachermo (6230 meters)
• Anonymous access to the Khumbu region

Rolwaling Trekking Map

Best season to Trekking in Rolwaling
Frbruary, March, April, May, June, September, October, November and Early December

Mountain point
Optimal preparation for this demanding trekking tours are our partner “mountain point.”

Trekking Nepal: Rolwaling, wild land of the Sherpas

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