Where is Lumbini

Where is Lumbini

Where is Lumbini….

Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha. The real name of Lord Buddha is Siddhartha Gautama. Buddha was a prince. Buddha was born in 623 BC to king Shuddodhana and queen Maya Devi rulers of Lumbini. So! Where is Lumbini? Lumbini is in Nepal. Let’s tour Nepal to know about birth place of Buddha in Lumbini. This will be a fantastic journey to spiritual world. No doubt Lumbini is a land of mysteries and of course a peaceful land in overall planet.

After landing at Kathmandu airport, visitors can take direct flight to Lumbini or even can reach Lumbini via tourist couch, private vehicle or local bus. Lumbini is exactly situated in the south west of Terai (plain land) in Nepal. Lumbini evokes a kind of holy sentiments to the millions of Buddhists all over the world. Concerning the birth of Lord Buddha in Lumbini, the Chinese account articulates a very interesting incident saying that queen Maya Devi mother of the lord had a bath at the pool in Lumbini and then grasp the bunch of the tree facing the east she birth for the lord on the ground. That is making Lumbini a secret place. It is also said that Lord Buddha walked seven steps as soon as he stepped on the mother earth. The central feature of Lumbini is the secret garden that is spread of 1 sq mile historically the region is an exquisite treasure of ancient remains and antiquity. The site described as a beautiful garden in Buddha’s time retains the legendary charms and beauty embracing the Maya Devi temple inside it. The Maya Devi temple is a distinctive shrine of importance and has the vast relief image of Maya Devi in Shrine in the small pagoda like structure. The images shows Maya Devi, mother of Lord Buddha supporting herself by holding on with her right hand to a branch of tree with newly born Buddha standing upright on the lotus pedestal. Two others celestial figures are depicted in an act of showing water and lotuses bestow from heaven. The famous Maya Devi stone sculpture also known as the nativities sculpture was installed here in the 4th century AD. The single most important place of the Lumbini and the entire Buddhist world for that matter is the stone slap located deep in the sanctum central part reveal after hearth and ridiculous excavation under the three layers of the ruins over the site of the famous Maya Devi Temple. The stone slap foundation main point the location of the original place marking the exact spot of the birth place of Lord Buddha. This spot is the most sensitive requires proper conservation and exposition to allow visitors and pilgrims to observe the slap the mark of stone here. Nearby or just west to the Maya Devi temple stands the Asoka pillar. The oldest monument so far found in Nepal erected by emperor Ashoka in 249 BC. The pillar is the first epigraphic evidence relating to the life history of Lord Buddha. The historic important of the pillar is evidence by the inscription engraved in the pillar. It is said that the emperor Ashoka visited this site at the 28thyear of his ascended seat to the throne and this was the homage to the Lord Buddha. To the south of the Pillar we find a secret pond puska Rani believed to be the same secret pool in which Maya Devi took a holy depth just before giving birth to the Lord and also were infant Buddha given his first purification bath. Architecturally the pool has projecting terraces in descending order and is reverted in fine brick mesentery. The holy site surrounded by the row of Stupas. These Stupas are also believed to be built as early as third century BC while some stupas with square, rectangular and circular bases are shaped to be added in the medieval period. All holistic shrines, stupas, monasteries, meditation centers and court yards built or being built in international monasteries yarn here like Japan, Korea, China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, France and Germany. The countries respective architecture and give Lumbini an international feel with message of universal friendship and brotherhood. Out of the symbols of universal peace and brotherhood, the world peace stupa built by Japan can be taken as one of the most attractive stupas there. It is said that one can really feel the peace and calmness of Lord Buddha’s worth when he steps foot there. Tilaurakot being one of them is located from 7 km west of Lumbini and there lays the ruins of historic town of Kapilbastu believed to be the capital of Shakya republic where Siddhartha lived and enjoyed his life until his 38 year. Despite the beautiful and cultural aspect, Lumbini stands as a secret place of interest in the world where Buddha was born. It is not the property and center of faith to Nepalese only. Lumbini is the property and center of faith to the whole world Buddhist communites and people of other communities as well. At this time of increasing globalization the protection, conservation, interpretation and the presentation of the heritage and cultural diversity of any particular place or region is an important challenge for people everywhere and the need is to manage this heritage.

According to Mahaparinirvana Sutra, Lord Buddha himself said, Ananda, this Lumbini place is where the Tathagata was born, this is a place which should be visited and seen by a person of devotion and which would cause awareness and apprehension of the nature of impermanence, At this place Ananda, who are on a pilgrimage to this shrine, if they should die with devotion in their hearts during the course or the pilgrimage, will after their death and dissolution of the body be reborn in a good destination, a fortunate celestial realm.

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